Fairy Tail 96

Fairy Tail throws a party for Lisanna’s return. While Mystogan throws out the punishment to Faust and the Captains of the Magical Regiments in Edolas. It would seem that Mystogan is a very forgiving person. Then again I can see why Mystogan would be like that. It makes no sense to execute Faust or the Captains because then they wold not be able to make up for the bad they have done to the people of Edolas. It would seem that Faust either plans on either making a guild or joining the only one left. He seemed highly interested in the idea of a guild when he talked to Natsu.

I can’t believe Natsu felt Makarov from Faust. Never once did he seem like Makarov. Even though Faust was dong what he believed was best for his people Makarov would want to have used a solution that would have hurt people needlessly. Makarov probably would have just leveled with the people and told to get use to life without magic. It is the same policy that all members of Fairy Tail take. Then again they have all been raised in the same guild by Makarov. Usually if your parent feels strongly about something that tends to rub off on you.


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