Beelzebub 32

So the event between the Six holy Knights and TKKH+Oga+Natsume has been decided. It is going to be a volleyball match. It would seem the leader of the six holy knights wanted it that way as well so that way no one would have an advantage. He did not count on Hilda getting involved to get the guys all motivated to win. I still can’t believe that they would buy into that video. Especially considering that it Alaindlon as Mr. Volleyball. That dubbing was horrible. But it would seem that the leader of the six holy knights still plans to let Oga and Miki fight.

I have a feeling that Hilda entered the school just to mess with Kunieda. There can be no other reason. I think she wants Kunieda to prove that she can be a mother to Baby Beel even though I don’t know what volleyball has to do with that. She is obviously trying to bring out the evil side in Kunieda. But I do believe that is a lost cause. There is a more likely chance that Kunieda would tel Oga how she feels for him than of her showing an evil side.



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