Fairy Tail 95

The Edolas has reached its final conclusion with the returning of all of the guild member of Earthland’s Fairy Tail to Earthland. The full of what happened with Happy and Carla was revealed as well as what happened to Lisanna.

All of the Exceed were transported to Earthland along with Earthland Lucy, Natsu, Gray, Gajeel, and Wendy. When Carla found out she wanted to send them back, but of course that is impossible because as of right now no one has the power to open an Anima to take them back. But that is of little consequence because the story of how Happy and Carla got to Earthland was told in full.

The story was actually very touching because it showed just how much Chagot cared for her people even though she went about it in the wrong way. She saw a vision of the future six years before Natsu and crew showed up in Edolas. It showed Extalia falling. She knew that it going to happen, but did not want to send her people into a panic. So she decided she was going to at least save the children by sending them to Earthland. While I don’t like the way she carried it out because it  violated the parents right to choose what happened to their child. But what ended happening was that Carla was seeing visions of the future and confused them for her own thoughts. In the end it was revealed that Chagot is Carla mother without Carla ever finding out really. She mad a vow to find all the children that were “evacuated” before telling Carla.

Lisanna was reunited with her sister and brother, Mira and Elfman. I won’t tell this part of the story because I actually want you to go and watch it. All in all this was a very great episode. Since this is the end of the Edolas and the Next few episodes are guaranteed filler I won’t have any new Fairy Tail posts until the next arc starts.


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