Beelzebub 31

That sucks that Miki and Oga don’t get to finish their fight. I really wanted to see if Oga would win. Even though by the looks of it he would have lost this around like he did when he first tried to challenge Tojo. Even then I don’t think that Oga would have been able to win because he has no speed. He can swing wildly all he wants but if He keeps missing he will just tire himself out. All Miki would have to do is slight dodging and keep chipping away at Oga and he would eventually win.

The leader of the 6 holy knights, Izuma looks like he would be a nerdy looking guy, but it seems that he knows some type of special technique because he was able to deflect Tojo’s punch pretty easily. That there is definitely a fight Oga would not have been able to win. Even Kunieda realized this. Kunieda realized that Oga would not have been to defeat Miki either.

So now they will finish things up in at the school festival and have a chance of stripping the 6 holy knights of their authority even though that seems rather pointless. I believe that Himekawa could have negotiated for something better like getting the 6 holy knights expelled. That would probably not have happened though. Like the counselor said the 6 holy knights hold a higher position thus any punishment they would receive would be less.


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