Fairy Tail 93

Natsu with the help of Gajeel and Wendy finally dragged Faust’s insane ass out of the Droma Anim. It was pretty cool how they did it to. Gajeel pinned the foot of Droma Anim down and then Wendy used her Roar of the Sky Dragon to project Natsu like an Arrow. Now that is strategy right there. That was after Faust gave a nice speech about them becoming the magic power of Edolas.

All along I wish that Faust would have stopped using the Droma Anim to stop sucking up the magic power of Edolas. He was working against himself in the end. But all of that is highly irrelevant because Mystogan or the Prince of Edolas has used the Anima to remove all magic power from Edolas. He is on the right track that it will end all the fighting over magic. But the one thing is that he should not have to make anyone look like a villain. All he has to do is come out to the people of Edolas and explain why he did it. I think they would understand and then be willing to move forward.


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