Beelzebub 30

Sorry about the late post on Beelzebub. I have spent the last couple of nights trying my damn hardest to configure an Arch Linux install and I am not even half way done yet. But enough about that. The people coming here don’t want to hear about my problems they just want to read a review about an episode of an anime they like. So on with the show.

Oga just wants to fight the 6 Holy Knights really bad doesn’t he? Especially after hearing that someone he knew from Middle School is part of the group. Of course I am talking about none other than Miki. It would seem that Miki made a serious upgrade after middle school. He is going to a private school and he is party of the morals enforcement squad even though he looks like a delinquent himself. But I guess it take a delinquent to know a delinquent. All Miki wants to do is prove that he has far surpassed they person he admired in middle school.

I can’t believe that Kunieda read that whole situation with Oga and Azusa wrong. When has Oga ever shown an interest in a woman? Oga is only interested in himself and and how strong he is and of getting rid of Baby Beel so that he can concentrate on himself more.

So the battle with the 6 Holy Knights has begun and Oga has already taken out Alex the boxer. I found him to be the most annoying of the bunch so far. Good riddance.


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