Fairy Tail 92

There is no point in commenting on what Faust is doing anymore. It has already been apparent that he is insane ans has no respect for all the living things in Edolas. What he seeks is to destroy the world by sucking up all the magic that it has. He is in all or nothing mode because if he loses he looks like the biggest fool ever. He does not understand that if magic is finite in his world there is no way to create an infinite supply of it. No matter what he is going to run out of magic. He just needs to learn to live without the magic and to respect the Exceed and all living things in Edolas. What I really want to know is who forged the Droma Anim because it seems like the they were planning on sowing the worlds destruction.

I loved that speech that Scarlet gave to Knightwalker was just plain awesome. Scarlet had the point the though. Even though they both had used all their magic power they were both still fighting. They both were still alive. Scarlet was basically saying that even if the magic all disappeared as long as the people were still alive there is always a chance for a better tomorrow. The people of Edolas would just have to make do without the magic. Life would still continue. But I still can’t believe that they both contained enough magic to blow up an entire floating island.

Edolas Fairy Tail to the rescue. I can’t believe that none of Edolas’ Fairy Tail Members were easily convinced to just go and fight. If I had been they and I had been oppressed as long as them I would have went and fought the kingdom on a whim.


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