Fall 2011 Preview

Instead of doing a fall preview where I talk (or is it type about because I am not really talking and I don’t think anyone reading any of my posts has ever heard my voice so they really can’t imagine it? Oh shit I got off topic!) about all the anime for the season I will just cover the ones I am watching and/or blogging about. If you want a full preview you can google Fall 2011 Anime Preview and find one of the many sites that does that.

First off lets start with the ones I will be posting about. Of course I will try to keep on my posts concerning Fairy Tail and Beelzebub, but I will be posting about Bakuman S2 and Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle. Yes I know they sound relatively boring and to most they probably, but I was not put here to please the masses. Bakuman S2 will be covered because I covered season 1 and I would like to keep posting about the adventures of Mashiro and Takagi. Phi Brian: Kami no Puzzle is more or less just to annoy you the reader. I plan to make it boring as hell (not really because I still want readers after this. Not like I have many anyway. I have a theory about that. Not again. You need to tell me when I get off topic).

And now for what I will just be watching in list format:

Guilty Crown

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon                                                                                            (Who doesn’t like a show involving high school kids getting involved in some type of war effort. Only some of most recent popular anime followed this theme or should I say most Gundam anime. This begs the question of why high school kids are involved in the war.)

Last Exile: Fam, The Silver Wing                                                                                   (I can’t make fun of something that sounds relatively harmless. I will probably just use this a something I relax to after a long day.)

Mirai Nikki                                                                                                                            (So here is a boy that has no friends, but keeps a diary of what he sees. He then creates something called Deus Ex Machina that eventually gives him some type of power and now he has to participate in a game. I swear there are so many anime that can be used a somewhat tenuous comparisons if I were arsed enough to do it.)

Hunter x Hunter                                                                                                                    (I never watched first one, so I figured I would watching the remake. Knowing me after the watching the remake I will go back and watch the original and still declare the remake better. This definitely goes against prevailing logic that originals are always better. It would also seem that the anime industry is pulling a hollywood and remaking remakes of remakes. Yes I know that made no sense. Off Topic Warning.)

Cube x Cursed x Curious                                                                                           (God damn wordpress can’t show stuff with exponents in it. Why in the hell did the creator select that title anyway?)

Chihayafuru                                                                                                                  (Even though I am a male, but a male who was raised mainly by his mother and sister I tend to have an affinity for shows that are more girl oriented. Case in point would be my love for Ouran High School Host club. I am not really interested in the card game in the show. I want to see if there is any romance here. I kind of interest in card game based shows after about the age of 12. There is only so much Yu-Gi-Oh one kid can watching before it gets boring.)


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