Kanon Review

By rabbity818 on Deviantart

Set in the wintry city of Yuuichi Aizawa’s childhood Kanon follows him as he tries to remember his past. Living with his cousin in this city, Yuuichi will be forced to confront girls from his past. For seven years Yuuichi could remember nothing that happened to him in this city. But when he starts making friends with four girls from that past that he forgot he is forced to remember what happened.

This show does what any other work based upon a Jun Maeda visual novel does. It pulls nice and hard at emotional strings. It does a some screwing with your mind, but again that is to be expected of something created by Jun Maeda. After having watched both Clannad and Air before this I fully understood that the chances were high that I would get a little emotional while watching this. This did not make me as emotional as Clannad did, but I got that feeling of wanting to cry. I still don’t think anything will make me as emotional as Clannad did the first time I watched it.

With Kanon I suffered a slump where I stalled around episode 7. It took me a couple of weeks to get past this slump. Once I did though I was able to marathon it in a couple of nights. It just sucks that it has taken me so long to watch this. I actually started watching Kanon long before I made this list. I started watching it before I watched both Sora no Woto and Goshuushou-sama, Ninomiya-kun. It was that I found the male lead to rather annoying with his excuse of having forgotten everything.

All the characters were real well done for Kanon. They all fit where they were suppose to and they all fit their personality traits really well. Again the only main problem I had was the fact that Yuuichi seemed to used his forgotten memories as a crutch. He was always apologizing for those forgotten memories. Another character I had problems with was Sawatari Makoto. I did not like the fact that a kids personality was used for someone that looked like they should be a teenager.

The story was very well done. There were a couple of times that I was not able to see what was coming next. I would never have guessed that the one girl was a manifestation of someone in a hospital. I would never guessed that the demons in the school were also a manifestation caused by someone with Supernatural powers. But everything with Sawatari Makoto I kind of was able to guess at, but it was also kind of laid out long before it happened. The one thing that I hate about any Jun Maeda work is that everything in the story points to a sad ending and then BAM! out of nowhere here comes a happy ending. I would like to see him create something that does not end a happy note.

Please don’t let my cynicism ruin any chance of anyone actually watching this. Even though I am a cynic I really enjoyed watching Kanon. I don’t know if I am in any hurry to watch it again, but I would be quick to recommend to anyone that likes anything of that style.


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