Spice and Wolf Review

Holo and Lawrence from Spice and Wolf

Here is another Romance anime to add to the ever growing list of romance anime I have watched. I seem to have an affinity for the. It could be because they have a lot more story and character development to them. It could because of how the characters interact with each other. It could be because even as a man I hope to someday fall in love with someone and live the rest of my life happily. For whatever may be the reason all I know is that I like them and can’t get enough of them. But I do believe that Spice and Wolf was pretty unique in my opinion. Then again I also have a very limited experience with romance anime. But enough about my experiences and how about I move on to the actual review.

Spice and Wolf has the appearance of taking place in Medieval Europe. There is a lot of talk about the Church and God. But fortunately the story nor the characters are focused around the Church. The story involves one Craft Lawrence and Holo the Wise Wolf Spirit. They meet each other in a small village and Lawrence decides that he is going to help Holo get back to her homeland in the north. So from that point on the story involves the adventures of Holo and Lawrence as they make their way North. Lawrence teaches Holo a lot about the art of Being a merchant and Holo is trying to teach Lawrence some stuff too(albeit I don’t quite know what that is yet.)

I am just going to give an overall rating because I don’t feel like breaking it down right now. Overall I thought that Spice and Wolf was really good. I got what I desired out of it and that seeing the evolving relationship between Holo and Lawrence. Even though Spice and Wolf is dialog heavy it was really good like I said. All the dialog was used to convey what was going on and it definitely got the story across very well. Through out the whole show you can tell the Holo is desperately trying to teach Lawrence about being in a relationship and trying to get Lawrence to say that he loves her.


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