My Work/ Anime Watching Computer

This post really has nothing to do with Anime per say, but I decided to do it anyway. This is how I watch all my anime and where I make all my posts from.

Well there it is, My setup. Yes that is the admin page for my blog up with Ktorrent up on the other screen. Having dual screens does help a lot. Considering that I am a college student and my blogging it allows to do research while typing up papers and posts at the same time. Trust me I have been typing up a class paper and doing a blog post at the exact same time. The monitor on the left is a 22″ Acer that I bought off Newegg. The other monitor I bought off my friends dad for $5 and it is a 17″ gateway.

That keyboard is definitely an IBM Model M. I have had two of them and I love them a lot. I like the clicky sound they make with every keystroke and I gladly attribute my better typing skill to that keyboard. It is considered the best version of the Model M. I paid $60 for it I am glad that I did. But I must say that the keyboard is damn heavy for being a keyboard, but that comes from the metal plate inside of it. I am never going to be selling this keyboard nor do I ever play on using anything different. Once this one dies I will probably buy another one.

I technically have a 5.1 sound system for my computer, but I only ever use the three front speakers and the sub. It is a Logitech x570 and it has served me well. It is not the best that money can buy, but then again I was’t looking for that. I bought is before I started doing research into audio stuff. The mouse is also a Logitech. It is the Mx518 to be exact. I originally bought for gaming, but alas I do very little of that anymore. But It is still a good mouse for what I do. It has last me more than four years of at least 6 hours of use daily. That should cover what is on my desk.

Most important is the actual tower and the hardware inside of it. As you can tell it is a custom assemble that I did after my Sophomore year in High School. Just to give you some reference I am twenty now. I can’t say that all the components are that old, but the Motherboard which is an Asus Maximus Formula based upon the x38 chipset by Intel, processor which of course is an Intel chip. It is a C2D E6750 @.66GHz overclocked to 3.2GHz. The graphics card is an ATI 4870 made by XFX. I also have 4GB of memory. I have two hard drives one is a 160Gb Hitachi while the other is 1Tb also a Hitachi. Of course in couple weeks this setup won’t matter because it is getting replaced by newer components. But that whole other post.

On the software side I am currently testing out Ubuntu 11.04 and Linux mint. On that 1tb drive I have 160Gb dedicated to testing different flavors of Linux. For anime watching I use a combination of Gnome Mplayer and VLC. For the longest time I used Windows, but don’t consider me a die hard windows fan. I will probably be using Linux from now on.




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