Beelzebub 29

The Six Holy Knights of St. Ishiyama are what appears to be a rules and morals enforcement squad at the school. In other words they are given permission by the school faculty to beat up other students that don’t follow the rules. What a messed up way to enforce morals at the school. If I am not certain being non violent is considered a moral right? So for the Six Holy Knights this is being suspended to enforce upon the other students. The name they give it makes it sound less violent. They called what they were doing sanctioning. You could tell that the mere mention of the Six Holy Knights struck fear into the students.

Oga is definitely an idiot by any standards. His line of questioning towards Shinjo Alex of the Six Holy Knights just shows that. “When is a door not a door?” With the answer being “When its Ajar.” Who would even consider anyone answering that question a genius? I know that it was meant to make the show funny, but that really sucked for comedy. It is funnier to watch Kunieda overreact to what Oga said about not going further than 15ft away. But of course she does not understand why and would probably not even believe him anyway. I say let it happen and let her get shocked. Even though I believe it would not happen because it would seem that Baby Beel likes her anyway.

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