Top 30 Anime: #19

Hourou Musuko

Anna and Nitori from Hourou Musuko

I don’t know of an anime like Hourou Musuko. I don’t of an an anime that tried to take gender stereotypes and through them out the window. But Hourou Musuko tried to do just that. Nitori is just a Junior High School student that does not quite feel right in his own body. He feels better when he is dressed in cute girls clothing and trying to act like a girl. Hourou Musuko shows how transgender people are marginalized and even discriminated against in a very traditional society. Even though people don’t openly discriminate against him you get the feeling that they want him to act like a normal boy. When he wears a girls uniform to school he gets in trouble. When the girl he is dating founds out she dumps him. These are the subtle hints that he should act more like a boy.

The only problem with Hourou Musuko is that they never really show anyone new reacting to Nitori. You are only ever told of the people that he knew since he was a little kid. They never really show the faculties reaction to Nitori. Another thing that this showed is that girls get away with a lot more than boys do.


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