Fairy Tail 91

King Faust never ceases to amaze me. He is so deranged that he has decided to use a weapon that that is against the law to use. It is Droma Anim and by legends it has the power to consume all the magic power in the world. If Droma Anim is this destructive why in hell’s name is Faust even thinking about using it? Of course it is for Faust’s other deranged dram of getting rid of the Exceed and having infinite magic. At least the dragon slayers from Fairy Tail are there to stand in his way. Faust got so surprised when he learned that they could do some damage to it. But of course Faust, dragons don’t use an ordinary type of magic. Anything that has dragon in its name can and will be destroyed by the dragon slayers. All Faust is doing is creating more problems in the end. He won’t get his infinite supply of magic and Edolas’ remaining supply will have been wasted in trying to get it.

Knightwalker is probably the most loyal commander that Faust has at his disposal. Knightwalker would probably Kamikaze herself if he told her to. Then again Scarlet is also very loyal to her friends and to Fairy Tail. During the Tower of Heaven Arc if Natsu had not stopped her she would have sacrificed herself to save them. But Knightwalker definitely takes this up notch because she is willing to kill anyone in his way. But enough about that, it now time to state that the fight between Knightwalker and Scarlet has resumed in full. It is a battle to the death apparently even though very few people ever die in Shounen Anime.


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