Top 30 Anime: #22

Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto

Image by *j-b0x

What is there to really say about this one? I enjoyed every minute I was watching it. While watching it I just kept thinking that both Takuto and Sugata were worthy of admiration. Takuto was dedicated to doing what he believed was right and that was protecting the world and protecting Wako. Sugata also wanted to protect Wako, but he also acted as a father figure to Wako. The whole time he was testing Takuto to see if he was worthy of Wako and to see if he could actually set her free. Overall I was not a big fan of the mecha design. Then again I am a Gundam person and I grew up on a heavy dose of it. I believe that everything plot-wise was introduced just at the right times. It kind of did feel sped up at the end though. Other than that this is worthy of a rewatch if for nothing than the character interactions that went on.


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