Top 30 Anime: #24

Code Geass

What is there not to like about Gode Geass? The male lead Lelouch Lamperouge was definitely one cool person. He had a stated goal and he was determined to follow it to the end. The female C.C. was also awesome. She tried to help Lelouch in any way possible. I can remember watching this and thinking that Lelouch was an expert strategist. There is no way that he died at the end. He had to have calculated for everything. Why would he want to leave C.C. alone again? I just like how everything ended. My favorite scene had to be when the federation was deciding to let him in or not and he just basically took control. He said that democracy was controlled by those who had the power and the weapons. Code Geass definitely had a great story with near flawless execution.


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