Beelzebub 28

What in hell’s name was Furuichi thinking? If I would have been him I would have kept my mouth shut and just kept what I heard and saw in my head. He could have used any excuse even the cliched one of I forgot something the room. Which would have only been a half lie because of Baby Beel being in a locker. Oga is pretty sly or he is a major idiot(I rule on the side of being an idiot) because he used Baby Beel to get out of the room. Even I would fear the wrath of that woman if she were I real person. Oga tried to keep Furuichi from being loud, but failed horribly at it. At least Oga had a somewhat legitimate excuse with Baby Beel being in that locker. My theory is that Furuichi is an idiot in denial. Where as Oga knows that he is an idiot and readily admits to it before smashing a car. Poor Sadohara, not even the Principal of St. Ishiyama believes you. Then again who would? IT is quite hard to believe that someone with enough strength to smash a car exists.

I want to know why Baby Beel had a problem with that duck toy being on Oga’s back. I know that is traditionally his spot, but he could have done the simple thing and kicked it out of the way. But no instead he got all offended and hid in a locker and then went into Sadohara’s car. Or if Baby Beel wanted he could have shocked Oga and the toy, but I am glad that did not happen because they overuse the shocking thing way to much.


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