Top 30 Anime: #26

Angel Beats!

Even though Angel Beats! had a lot of shortcomings and plot holes and let me tell they were a lot. There were some big ones. Some so big that I could have crawled inside them a slept pretty soundly at night. But it wasn’t about the story as much as the concept behind it. It is kind of the same concept that the movie Inception played around with. How do you what is real and what is not real? How do you prove that the world we live in is the real one? Obviously you can tell where this line of questions lead. This idea got in my head and I kept thinking about it. It didn’t matter that the ending was not a real ending nor did it matter that there were large parts of development missing. It had me thinking about this concept for long afterwards. And it is this that makes me keeping liking Angel Beats!


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