Fairy Tail 90

Finally the queen/god of Extalia has been revealed and quite frankly she was what she was cracked up to be. Shagot is her name and lying to her people was her game. I swear the elders handled everything wrong with the humans. Instead of spending time building up lies they could have used that to foster actual relations with the humans. At least Shagot did the right thing and told the truth. It spurred her people on to protect Extalia herself because they knew she couldn’t do it. Remember people in an empire of lies the truth is a revolutionary idea. And as to the name Shagot. It is not a name I would have picked for a character. It sounds like me after a night of drinking trying to describe my vomiting. I Shagotted all over the place.

It would seem that Knightwalker still has a bone to pick with Scarlet. Even with the prince back in action which I would have never guessed that it was Mystogan. It also surprised me that Lily took care of him when he was a little kid. But I guess they are even now. Lily took care of him and he has saved the piece of earth where Extalia is from total destruction. Faust is somewhere because in the last episode he revealed that he had some type of weapon that would be able to defeat the strongest team at Fairy Tail.


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