Top 30 Anime: #30

This is the first in my series of Top Thirty posts for the next month and after that. These are shows that really entertained me or made think about the subject matter presented in them. A lot of will be newer ones since I haven’t watched to much of the old stuff yet. Yes I am a newfag right(thats right I referenced 4chan in post get over it) and I will probably be a newfag for some time. I have a wide variety in tastes for anime and my list reflects that. IT stretches from stuff like Fullmetal Alchemist to Fullmetal Panic and then to Kimi ni Todoke. Now on to my number thirty. 

Kimi ni Todoke 1st Season

This is one of those anime that I liked purely for its animation style. I really have say that there is no main story to this anime even in its second season. If there is one then it has taken so long in it’s delivery that I stopped paying attention to it. I just came to like the scenes where Kuronuma smiled and liked seeing her starting to expression more emotion. It is funny and relaxing at the same time to watch Kuronuma and Kazehaya fumble around in their relationship with each other.


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