Beelzebub 27

I swear that this show becomes more idiotic by the minute. This whole episode was just filled with idiocy from the minute it started. It started before the opening sequence with Furuichi Fantasizing about Angelica visiting from the demon world. He was fantasizing about stupid stuff as well. Just remember Furuichi that your family believes that you are Alandon’s lover. Furuichi then took off to wait for Angelica without asking how she would be arriving or where. It would seem that his limited experience with Alandon’s transference magic had him believing that it all worked that way. Just remember that I hate Furuichi for his constant womanizing.

The whole magical girl situation was bleed idiocy when it started. It became even more idiotic when Oga’s sister and Furuichi’s mom tried to become magical girls. If they had watched some Madoka Magica they would have realized that they could not become magical girls. Then again being the idiots they bought a story that Angelica was the North American Quick Change Champion. Any person with intelligence would have realized that this is impossible. From my recollection, excluding the Olympics and maybe Soccer The United States and Canada don’t have any sanctioned competitions together. I could be wrong, but I have never heard of them. They make it look like people are stupid. So from them we are treated to a roaming troupe of badly dressed girls because I have to say that the frog costume does not look bad on Baby Beel. Isn’t he so cute. Even my favorite girl Kunieda acted like a complete idiot. She pulled a Furuichi and fantasized about things that would never happen. First off she has given Oga many signs that she is interested in him, but he remains oblivious to them all. She is just going to have to tell up straight up that she loves him.

It just seems that for he last several episodes Baby Beel’s raising has taken a back seat to everything else. What with the transference of Ishiyama High to St. Ishiyama it seems that Baby Beel has been forgotten a little. Baby beel should always be front and center with character development if it happens happening around him.


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