Fairy Tail 89

Add master of deception to the growing list of abilities that Erza Scarlet has. If it would not have been for Knightwalker intervening at the last second their plan would have  went off without a hitch. Everyone from Fairy Tail and Magnolia would have been saved. I knew that the fight between Scarlet and Knightwalker would end inconclusive and it will probably remain that way. They are the same person. They fight with the same tenacity and strength. They can predict each others movements because of that. What I really do not understand is how Knightwalker entered the room. She drops from out of nowhere or where there should have been no possible way. The opening for the cannon looked pretty far away and i could see no other entrances. I will just chalk it up to Okabe Rintarou messing with one too many world lines.

I was really annoyed when Faust’s soldier told Scarlet that she was low for taking him hostage. Let’s back track for a minute. First your beloved King Faust took people from a parallel universe. He turned them into a lacrima. He then forcibly extracts magic from Wendy and Natsu to power a cannon it move the giant lacrima. He then plans to use the lacrima as bomb to destroy another race called the exceeds. He has his own soldiers attack citizens. And Scarlet is the low one here. Oh the sweet irony of the situation. I am pretty that taking Faust as a hostage is not the problem. The problem is Faust himself.

Because of his feeling of oppression that he believes is caused by the exceeds he has these problems. He both an inferiority complex and a god complex wrapped together. Again his inferiority complex stems from that feeling of oppression. Even he is technically the King of the humans he believes that he has no real control because of the exceeds. When in reality he has a lot of power. His soldiers and citizens would mostly likely die for him. He also has built a really big castle and he can making his soldiers violate law just by giving an order. He has a god complex because he believes that the decision he is making is in the best interest of all parties involved when he has never really talked to his citizenry nor did he considered the people of Magnolia or of Fairy Tail. But isn’t the fight between Gajeel and Panther Lily exciting?


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