Seikon no Qwaser S1

Sasha as shown in the Opening Animation.

I am not a very big fan of ecchi anime in general. My experience with them is spotty at best and the ones I have watched have left me rather bad impressions of the overall show. I believe that in most ecchi anime the ecchi detracts a lot from the actual show and story. It is used as a cop out so that way a creator does not have to come up with a good story. If it were used properly I would have no problem. It should only be used when there is no other option on moving the story along. But shows like Strike Witches and Ichiban Ushiro no Daimou have ruined any chance of it being redeemable in my book. These experiences have obviously influenced my review of Seikon no Qwaser just a little.

When I first heard of Seikon no Qwaser I automatically dismissed because they had told me of the titty sucking. I thought of as none other than a Hentai. But I did a little research and learned that it was airing on t.v. in Japan. I thought that was not possible. Another reason I dismissed is because those same people had told that it dealt with christian theology a little bit. But like I said I did the research and here I am reviewing it now. I was pleasantly surprised that it really did not go too much off on the theology tangent. It dealt with it as it concerned with the main story.

The main character Alexander Hell or Sasha as he is called by his companions does indeed suck on breasts and he does it a lot along with other people called Qwasers. The qwasers need breast milk in order to use their powers to control the elements. Each qwaser can only control one and Sasha’s element is Iron. He using his ability to battle an evil organization of Qwasers who seek to make themselves superior to humans. He is also trying to hunt down someone who scarred him early in his life. A lot of the fighting happens on or around an academy called St. Mikhailov in Japan. Two girls befriend Sasha and get involved in the fighting as well. Mafuyu ans Tomo allow Sasha to live with them on the academy.

Story wise I wish the creator would not have went with the titty sucking because it really does take away from the story. The creator had so many options open to him on how to handle the qwaser powers. I kind of the got the feeling that the creator was kind of projecting his desire to suck some titties into the show. I also cannot imagine any christian organization allowing its members to suck titties, but then again the ten commandments have been violated in god’s name before. But the development of Sasha’s was actually pretty well done and his sense of motivation was established. He was scarred deeply by a qwaser who killed someone close to him when he was a kid.

There is also a hint of a love story because of the relationship that forms between Sasha and Mafuyu over the course of the show. It eventually grows into love, but it does take almost the entire show for it to happen. But I do say that Sasha and Mafuyu really do complement each other really well. Now to discussion the animation a bit. Of course is it done for all ecchi anime it is done really well and attention is paid to all the details. But i guess when you rely on titties to make a show the animation has to pretty good.

Even though it was very ecchi and it dealt with religious elements I still enjoyed it a lot. But because of the ecchi element I really try and not recommend this one to anyone because so might wonder what I am watching at that and if I am sane. The important characters and plot points were developed well enough where the ecchi really did not matter. I still believe that it was a cop out though.


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