Fairy Tail 88

I am a mad Cook Scientist that drives a Chevorlet Movie Theater with Interior Crocodile Alligator.
Even though Lucy is my most favorite of the Fairy Tail Girls she is about as smart as a box rocks. I swear in the span of 10 minutes or so she forgot that the whip that Virgo gave her could expand and contract at will. But at least she remembered and then was basically able to bring OctByro down with Natsu’s help of course. DOUBLE KO for Natsu. He took down both Byro and Hughs in that punch of his. Threat Eliminated. I kind of figured that Lucy would help a little bit as things started to heat up. Now they have the key to the Dragon Chain Cannon.

But wait what was that? Oh no Pretty Boy comes out of Nowhere and takes it from Lucy. But at least Gray is on tail as quick as possible. Gray proves that he is the Superior tactician by freezing and then destroying key. Pretty Boy should have realized from the beginning that Gray having Ice Powers was analyzing the key so that way he could make a copy of it. Stupid, stupid Pretty Boy. I guess that is what you get for using Pretty Boy as your name. He is not so pretty anymore.

I just wish they would go back to the fight of Scarlet vs. Knightwalker because that is the most interesting fight. Like I said in a previous post it will come down to who can endure longer. Of course my bet is a Scarlet.


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