Beelzebub 26

*Muffle Muffle*
This Kazu guy is very weird. I get the impression that he cannot be his own man. Even though he saved that Azusa girl he still is not really his own man. Especially after he did all the ass kissing to Furuichi. That is just degrading himself. In my eyes Furuichi is just riding around following in Oga’s wake. Furuichi tries to avoid confrontation when he can. And if Kazu really knew how Furuichi acted he would realize that Furuichi is not a tactician at all. Furucihi also does not Talk back to Oga either. Oga still does what Oga wants to do and know can change his mind. The Azusa girl is even weirder because she acts like Oga and is oblivious to everything.

Yeah, misunderstandings galore. The first one came when Oga interpreted doing as pooing. The second one came when Oga’s father misunderstood what Kazu said about being Oga’s sworn little brother. And finally the last came when Kazu thought the bald guy was kidnapping Azusa. If he would have realized that Azusa was walking by herself then he would not have tried to beat that guy up and made himself look like a fool.

Oga just come clean and tell Kazu that the lightning comes from Baby Beel. Everyone in his class knows and tries to avoid it.


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