Beelzebub 25

A new term has started for the students at Ishiyama High. They will be attending St. Ishiyama Academy because Oga jacked up Ishiyama High. The amazing part is the fact that they stuck Oga in a class with everyone he fought and/ or who helped him. Obvisiously he never actually beat Kunieda because he never hits a woman. Tojo, Kunieda, Kanzaki, Himekawa, The Red Tails, and MK5 are all in the same class. Why St. Ishiyama put them all in the same class no one will ever know. Their Homeroom teacher Mr. Takumi wanted to show that he was the boss and failed pretty bad at it. He started with Tojo and lost in an arm wrestling match. He then decided to pick on Oga and Baby Beel who were sleeping. He woke up Baby Beel and got shocked. At least the class knew to leave the room before Baby Beel Exploded.

This Kazu kid seems like he has a raging boner for the delinquents of Ishiyama High. Why anyone would admire people like that is beyond me. He knows all of TKKH and Oga. He even follows Oga around. After Watching Oga fight he seems to have gotten an even bigger boner and asked Oga if he could join his gang I am guessing. Of course Oga being the Idiot he is understood none of this.

Kunieda makes her triumphant return to the show. This definitely sets things right with my universe. The show must never remove Kunieda again.

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