Fairy Tail 87

Fairy Tail Episode 87
How in the hell did Hughs not get aroused by this? I sure in hell did.


Another great episode of Fairy Tail. Seriously though Everyone in on the plan with Faust are just creepy people.We have Knightwalker who revels in killing people, Byro revels in hurting others, Faust himself wants to commit mass genocide and attacks little children, Pretty Boy just talks weird, and Hughs who does not get aroused by a sexy girl in front of him. The only ones who are not creepy are Panther Lily and Coco the little girl. Panther Lily is only doing what he believes to be the right thing. Coco was trying to stop Faust from killing one of her friends.

But Enough about that, lets move on to the Fight that Natsu is waging against Hughs. At first Hughs had the upper hand until he made Natsu mad as hell. When you see what appears to be a dragon in his flames you have succeeded in making him one very angry person. Then again Hughs does not seem to be that Strong. All Natsu would have to do is get close enough to Hughs and then take his weapon thus rendering him useless. Another thing is that Hughs is probably using a lot of magic to battle with Natsu while he complains about it disappearing. Maybe he should stop putting his foot in his mouth.

The Battle between Panther Lily and Gajeel continues with Panther Lily and Gajeel being in a dead lock. I just wonder what type of metal Panther Lily’s sword is made out of and if possible could Gajeel just start eating it? It seems like it would be a quick way to ending the battle. Then again maybe the magic in the weapon would somehow affecting Gajeel in an unpleasant way?



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