Beelzebub 24

With the reappearance of Alandlon it would seem all hope Furuichi had of picking up His daughter as his girlfriend went out the window. But I have to say that Furuichi mounted a great effort to try and get her. He tried looking all cool and what not even though his head got stuck in a window. He was undone by flipping out after Baby Beel almost stomped on him. But I could tell that Angelica was not going to fall for him any way. Alandlon has already told her about Furuichi and probably has already told that Furuichi is his lover. Plus I would hope that no girl would for Furuichi’s act. He is always relying on Oga to make him look good. If I had a daughter I would not let her date Furuichi because of how spineless he is and because he looks like he would have sex with any cute looking woman if she offered it.

Gian Baby Beel is Giant. He took down Vlad’s Guardian without even beating an eyelash. You could tell that he wanted to fight that thing. Oga helped him of course. But most of it was that royal blood of his. Oga is teaching Baby Beel to be as physically brutal as he can. I guess that is a skill that would be good for a demon lord to have. But Oga should have exercised more control over Baby Beel so that way he did not go out of control.

I think that Lamia now likes Oga a little bit because he saved her life. But that is rather pointless because mu favorite character has been missing for the last couple of episodes. Kunieda please come back. I miss your long following hair and your awkwardness around Oga.


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