The MOST EPIC BATTLE OF THE EDOLAS ARC HAS STARTED. Not even I know if the battle will have any decisive conclusion. It is the battle of two of the most powerful people in all of magic, Erza Scarlet vs Erza Knightwalker. Both are contenders to win this match because in terms of both phyical and magical battle prowess they seem to be even. Scarlet has her requip magic and Knightwalker has her magical weapon the Ten Commandments. Both of them get enchanced battle abilities from their magic. But I believe that Scarlet has the upper hand because of her Titania mode. But then again not of Knightwalkers abilities have been shown off yet. If anything it will be a battle of endurance and stamina. Who will last the longest? Who stands to lose the most from losing this battle?

So now it is known how Lucy and Gajeel were able to use magic in Edolas. It was Mystogan and his mysterious magic granted medicine, The Exballs. It would seem that they taste rather nasty just by Natsu’s reaction to them. Then again I have never found a medicine I like taking. Mystogan had to be involved considering that he tried to warn Wendy of Anima coming. If I am not correct Mystogan is the Edolas equivalent of Jellal, right? That would explain his rather heavy reliance on physical weapon instead of magic in his battle with Laxus. He was just use to the way magic was setup in Edolas and carried it over to Earthland even though it would seem he was in Earthland quite some time. Defender against Anima Mystogan to the rescue.

Now I know Faust is Psychopathic in every sense of the word. His plan to rid Edolas of the Exceeds is very psychotic and ambitious. Using the Giant lacrima (which I was not surprised that the lacrima in the city square was only two considering who it was) as a bomb with dragon slayer magic somehow being used to accelerate it he plans to collide it with Extalia have it blow up. In blowing up the magic of the Exceeds, Extalia, and the Giant lacrima would fuse and rain down upon the kingdom for all eternity. Another great battle has started between Gajeel and Panther Lily. Based upon Gajeel’s past experience with cats and how he feels about the pairings of Happy and Natsu and Charla and Wendy he going to try and make Panther Lily his companion.


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