Beelzebub 23

It is time for the Doctor and Lamia to head back to the demon. As Lamia is stepping into Alandlon for transference Baby Beel latches onto her leg to prevent her from going. This Causes Oga and Furuichi to have to try a pry Baby Beel off her leg. Lets just say that it fails and Oga and Furuichi along with Baby Beel are on their way to the demon world. Unfortunately for Oga, Furuichi, and Baby Beel Alandlon has exceeded capacity and has died as a result. So now they are a quest to find his daughter in order to transfer back.

There are two things that Oga should never do and or should never be done with Oga. First is a trip to the demon world and second is beating the crap out of something because it looks menacing. Well Oga did number two to an Yople Alien and they act as the guards of Vlad’s Haunt where they are at. Lets just say they got every creature in place on their backs on. At least Baby Beel gets a powerup in the demon and defeats an Akubaba beast. It just sucks that he can’t even beat a cicada in the human world.

Furuichi is definitely a womanizer. As soon as he saw that picture of Alandlon’s daughter he wanted to go and save her.


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