Beelzebub 22

This was a rather interesting episode. Kanzaki, Himekawa, Shiroyama, and Tojo’s two followers ended up in the same hospital room. It would seem that the fight they were having ended in a draw because of Oga destroying the school. What is even more surprising is the fact that Tojo went and rescued them. Then again by the way that he found Baby Beel and took care of him showed that he is not really a bad guy. Tojo even explained in the last episode that he only wanted to become stronger so that he protect something.

Baby Beel’s fighting record is very horrible to hear. All of his fights have been with insects and small animals. He has fought some pill bugs, crickets, and a cat. But the cat fight he really did not win. This time he got beat by a cicada and Oga decided that it was training time. They go up into the mountains are start training. Well it seems that Kunieda and her Grandpa are going to the same place. Kunieda ends up running into Oga while he is Hanging Baby Beel upside down from a tree limb. Afterwards they go for some ice cream and her Grandpa finds them. He takes the situation the wrong way and ends up challenging Oga to a fight.

Oga loses that fight rather easily because the old says he is wasting movement which is true. Oga is trying the old brute force method of fighting while Kunieda’s Grandpa is just dodging. He is not even using all his power on Oga. During this some guys make off with his package and he chases after them. Oga follows after them because he wants a rematch. Oga shows off his Fist of Justice and gets Kunieda’s Grandpa’s approval. Misunderstandings make for a great episode.


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