Fairy Tail 84

So Happy got to meet his parents without even knowing it and Fairy Tail is now violating the breeding model of Warm Blooded creatures. Why in the hell are Cats laying eggs for? Should they not be giving birth to live young? Fairy Tail is now trolling a little bit here. But it does suck the Happy does not know that Lucky and his wife are his parents. Then again to him it does not matter because to him his family is Fairy Tail and it will always be Fairy Tail.

The Exceed form of Ichiya scares me more then the regular form. He makes way more exaggerated gestures than are necessary. I mean really is it necessary to do that and he wonders why he runs out energy fast. Even I would run out of energy if I did that. And now it known how Happy and Carla got to Earthland in the first place.


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