Beelzebub 20

Another great episode of Beelzebub. Oga has restored his link with baby Beel. I just like how Oga tried to say that he was not Baby Beels parent, but as soon as he started pulling on Oga’s face Oga got upset. That is so parent like. You could tell that Oga missed Baby Beel a lot. On the outside he show disinterest, but in that little dream world it showed his true feelings. Hilda liked look she was very pleased with the outcome.

So the epic fight with Tojo is going to happen. Even without Baby Beel Oga is still a man not to be trifled with. It looked like Kanzaki and Himekawa only took out a couple people while Oga took out the rest. And if Kunieda hadn’t shown up it probably would have happened all the same at the school.


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