Beelzebub 19

Oh boy. Oga’s thoughts are a weird place. I kind of figures that they would just be of him beating people up. But seriously I am pretty that a psychoanalyst would have fun trying to decrypt Oga’s  thoughts from that weird dream world. It is weird that they even have that in there. I feel like I would have to be on acid or something to see why they designed it the way they did. I am all for abstract things, but that is pushing it.

As I said in my last post on this show I kind of though it was some type of trial. Baby Beel wanted Oga to grow stronger so that way he could release more magical energy through him. Obviously Hilda probably watched that fight between Tojo and Oga. She wanted to see if Oga was going to get Baby Beel back. Come on Oga think a little more next time.

The difference between Oga and Tojo is that Tojo has a soft spot for animals where as Oga is ruthless to everything that crosses his path. This is the reason that no one will be able to fill Oga’s spot.


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