Beelzebub 18

This was a rather weird episode. I can’t believe that Baby Beel was so affected by his fever that he would separate his ties with Oga. That just seems a little strange. Then again I could see this as test for to prove whether or not e is loyal to Baby Beel. It would also prove who the strongest person because if Oga can beat someone with the Zebul Spell without Baby Beel’s power helping him then it would mean that Oga is the strongest overall. 

I just want to know where Hilda went to. It seems like she has disappeared. My only guess could be that she returned to the demon world in order to figure out what is wrong with Baby Beel. What surprised me the most is that Oga actually went back and started taking care of Baby Beel. You can tell that Baby Beel has grown on Oga. I think that Oga actually believes that he is Baby Beel’s dad.

I want to know why Baby Beel chose Tojo. That was obliviously a sore spot for Oga. But I guess it is also to get Oga to become even more ruthless and strong. If Baby Beel is going to be the next Demon Lord he needs a loyal servant who will do his biding.


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