Fairy Tail 80

So magic in Edolas is very limited. I would not want to have to control the amount of magic that I able to use. Then again it makes it more realistic for people that like that stuff. But unfortunately that is not what I want out of anime. I want anime to be outrageous and funny because it something that I use to escape from life. I have gotten off topic. ‘

Apparently Natsu keeps forgetting that he can not use magic like he does normally. But wait normal Lucy shows up and she is able to use her magic. How in the hell does that happen? I want know if she would have been able to use one of her spirits to track down Natsu and gang faster? Loki seems like he would have been a good fit for that job.

I think Edolas Lucy has a thing for Natsu. She is so Tsundere. I can’t wait for the first between Erza Knightwalker and any one of the remaining Fairy Tail to happen. I especially want regular Erza to show up and kick her ass.


2 thoughts on “Fairy Tail 80

  1. how do you feel about this arc’s villains Hughes, PantherLily, Knightwalker, SugerBoy,Byro, Coco and Faust

    1. I definitely know that I hate Byro and Faust. But considering the way that Knightwalker, Sugarboy, and Hughes talk about Pantherlily I get the feeling that he is not really a bad guy. They even said that he opposed the military buildup.

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