Goshuushou-sama, Ninomiya-kun

-Warning Spoilers-

Shungo Ninomiya is just your average high school male student who has been trained to be a mercenary by his sister. One day his sister tells him that the Tsukimura Siblings will be staying with them in their big mansion. Mayu and her brother Mikihiro are rather special though. They are succubus which means that they need the life of the opposite gender in order to survive. They also attract the opposite gender to them. This presents a problem for Mayu who is afraid of males. Ninomiya’s sister Ryoko and Mikihiro perform what they call social experiments on Ninomiya and Mayu. These experiments involve sleeping and bathing together. Once the Reika Houjou, the Student Council President gets involved in the name of keeping moral decency up in the Ninomiya household everything just goes over the top.

Probably the best and worst thing about this anime is the fact that easily fits into the genres the define it. It’s comedic stems from all the random situations that Ninomiya or his sister out him in. Like when Ryoko wanted some ramen. Ninomiya took this as a challenge of sorts and ends up running around Japan getting the ingredients for the ramen. He shows up at places to get the ingredients at seems like Mikihiro is either running or working at all of them. In the end Reika ends up giving Ryoko some instant ramen and Ninomiya’s ramen goes uneaten. The whole situation could have been avoided if Ninomiya would have asked his sister what she wanted. This is also highlighting the anime’s over the top nature. And trust me it goes over the top a lot.

This anime follows the natural ecchi course excluding nothing. It has girls dressed in maid outfits, nurse outfits, bikinis, and anything that could possibly be considered sexy. It delivers the fan service bar none. In some places it used to drive the story when it really should not be used at all. Most of the social experiments performed by Ryoko and Mikihiro would fall under this category. In most cases it does nothing at all and it just used to keep you watching when no real story is presented. I know that the experiments performed are to probably help Mayu overcome her fear of males, but she seems to have no problem with Ninomiya at all.

The fact that this anime fit so well into these genres really limited it. It really had no story except for the little flashbacks that Ninomiya had. These flashbacks were used to develop all the characters. When I first started watching this I thought it was going to have more action in it because the first scene is of Ninomiya fighting a giant polar bear. But instead I am handed ecchi all over the place. The scene right after that one is of a girl showing her panties to Ninomiya. This is the brunt of my compliant with this anime.

If it were not for the random comedic bits and the flashbacks that Ninomiya has that develop the story this one would have fallen flat very fast. At best it is a decent watch and at the worst it is hard to sit through at points. The lack of any real story made it hard to sit through. Again the comedy it did have saved it from utter ruin. A lot of plot twists could be seen from a mile away. This is probably one of those that I am just not in any hurry to rewatch anytime soon to to anyone wanting to watch do not hurry to do so.


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