Fairy Tail 78

So to bring some of episode 77 which started off this arc I will make a little summary of it. In episode 77 “The Anima” which Mystogan was trying to keep closed opened up and all of Magnolia gt sucked in. What a fun way to go huh? No one in Fairy Tail ever saw it coming.

Now to move on to this weeks episode. Carla explains why “The Anima” was opened in the first place. It has to deal with the fact that the place where she and Happy come from Edolas is running out of magic. Why you would exhaust what little magic you have left to get more I don’t know. Especially considering that you do not know if it will work or not. But I guess in this instance you follow the old mantra of risking it all. The only thing that could happen is that you fail and now your world is without magic. Then there is Carla who is taking the blame for what her world has done. Why is she taking the blame? She is not the one who opened “The Anima” so why take blame for it? That is definitely one deep commitment to country.

When they get to Edolas Natsu starts screwing stuff right way because he never bothered to listen to what Carla had to say. She specifically told him that magic could not be used freely in Edolas. So what does he do? He tries to kill a giant fish and realizes that he can’t use magic. In doing so he pisses off the fish and it chases after them. How a water creature chases them over land I will never know. This causes a big disruption. And just as they thought they were going to get some information the people run off because they fear Happy and Carla.

Afterward they somehow wind up in a store house where they don somewhat more convincing disguises. Natsu then spots the Fairy Tail symbol on a sign and follows it to Fairy Tail in Edolas. But low and behold it is not the same Fairy Tail. Everyone’s personality has become the opposite of what it is in their world. Gray loves Juvia and never strips, Cana does not drink, Elfman is a pussy, and Lucy looks somewhat more evil.

Oh my god are the Edolas versions of most the girls pretty good looking. My favorite definitely has to be Edolas Lucy. Lucy is my favorite, but the Edolas version just has that something extra. Now if only they could combine the outfit that Edolas Juvia was wearing with the normal Juvia I would probably have a new favorite.

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