Bakuman 25 – Half the Dream is Accomplished

Oh my god Saiko and Shuujin got serialized. I just can not believe that happened. And here I was figuring that it was going to be something like what the Beck Manga did. It would drag on and on while still being good, but it would just go on. At least they got serialized and now Saiko has accomplished half his dream.

I believe that it was really unnecessary to drag out the fact that they got serialized. I mean I know that they have to try and keep on track, but they could have used that time to really set up the second season. I just like that it had some type of resolution at the end of the season. Most times it left wide open for interpretation so that way the second season can go multiple ways. I do feel bad that Nakai and Fukuda did not get serialized. They both worked really hard to try and get it. I was hoping that they would all get serialized and that several rivalries would have started.


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