Kore wa Zombie Desuka 11

Oh my god I think I have lived a full life now. Yuu finally spoke. I was not expecting that soft of a voice from here. I figured that if her voice had the power to change the world it would a slightly commanding presence to it. I am not mad with voice. Quite the contrary. I like the voice a lot. It makes her seem like a more average girl if you do not look at the armor she is wearing all the time. It would seem that she has accepted the fact that Ayumu will not let her leave again.

I like the idea of immortality as long as I still hold the power of choosing when I want to die. As long as life is fun and stuff like that it would not be a problem to keep living. But it would get boring for me eventually. I could just imagine if someone was immortal, world leaders would go seeking that person’s advice all the time. Hopefully no one besides the group around Ayumu ever finds out that he is immortal.

Who would have guessed that Sera could play the violin? Then, her faction being a conservative faction makes it more understandable. It just seems like something that conservative people would do. It was awesome that she got a whole orchestra to play with her.


One thought on “Kore wa Zombie Desuka 11

  1. KoreZom was the best anime series past this season. Yuu is officially my #1 girl lol.
    And although I didn’t like much all the orchestra stuff, I think the episode rocked overall. But I still want more screentime of Tomonori lol.

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