Beelzebub 10

Apparently Baby can understand a cat. Well I guess that can be expected considering that he is suppose to be the next demon lord. It is still sad to see him get beaten by a cat. I have a feeling that Baby Beel will end up turning out more benevolent in end because of his upbringing. Oga may be ruthless, but it seems that Baby Beel is making friends. I would have thought that the demon lord is a solitary figure. He may have a whole bunch of followers, but I would think that it be impossible for him to make friends.

Oga meets up with Kunieda at the children’s play center and the misunderstandings start right away between. Oga is talking about Baby Beel and Kunieda is talking about herself and Oga. How do these things keep happening? Oga is apparently oblivious or Kunieda is reading to deeply into what Oga is saying. I think that Kunieda should just ask Oga what the hell he is talking about. She got all mad at him for making her look like the fool. I think that was all her fault for interpreting what he said in the ay she did.

How is the hell did a frog that blows up get into the children’s play area? Why would a baby even have that to being with?


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