Kore wa Zombie Desuka? 10

I say screw the summaries. They take to long to do I am almost positive that no one really cares about them anyway. So now onto the main part.

I really have no way of knowing how I think about this episode. It was just all over the place. Overall it was a pretty somber episode because there was no Yuu. How can you have Kore wa Zombie Deuska? without Yuu. I will answer that for you. There is no real show without Yuu in it. I am still wondering why she chose to go with that other zombie. She really seemed sad that she had to. Then there was that scene at the end where she stuck out her arm and tried to reach for Ayumu. If that does not say that she wants to stay with Ayumu then I do not know what does. 

I think that the comedic and slice of life bits were unwarranted for this episode. I mean seriously how are you going to have those when all the main characters are thinking about how to get Yuu back. At least Sera and Haruna acted the same as always. Sera’s people must be really mad at her for not killing Yuu. They took the time to actually beat her up. At Tomonori and her faction came to the rescue with some of Sera’s faction when that other Zombie attacked Ayumu and the girls. But Ayumu got his legs cut which were then put on with regular glue and were put on wrong. Then of course they are totally fixed by the next scene.



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