Sora no Woto Review

I originally watched because I was voting in the’s best slice of life anime for 2010 vote. But after I watched the first episode I was watching because I wanted to watch it as well. It pulled me right with the story of Kanata Sorami and how she was wanting to learn to play the trumpet. Usually when I think of Slice of life anime I think of K-On. Do not get me wrong, K-On was a good anime. But it had no real story. Sora no Woto on the other hand had that. It was there for the people who wanted to look.

Kanata Sorami lives in world that is slowly coming to end by the constant warring that is going on. She joins the military because she wants to learn to play the trumpet. She has this goal because of hearing and watching someone play one when she was a kid. The sound of that trumpet resonated within her and now she wants to bring that feeling to other people. She wants to make as many people happy as she can in the world coming to an end.

From start to finish I have to say that I really enjoyed watching Sora no Woto. Everything in it just fit together very well. The music, the anime style, and the story all fit together and complimented each other very well. Everything about just felt natural and unforced. It seems to me that is what the animators were aiming for. All of the characters had a purpose and everything they did had a reason. All the parts connected together and it made for easy watching and understanding.

My reviews will never have a number rating with them. If I tell you go and watch it then that means that I thought it was excellent and that it should be watched. So I am telling anyone who reads this review to go and watch Sora no Woto right now. Drop everything that you are doing right now and at least watch the first episode. I also give this a high rewatch value.


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