Bakuman 23


After Saiko decided to redo his drawings, Shuujin decided to change some of the story. It was a popular trend amongst all of them to change their names to make them better. Saiko’s grandpa tells him to Make sure that he satisfied with the work that he has done. Saiko and Shuujin spend their whole summer vacation redoing their name for the Golden Future Cup. Everyone except Koogy is trying their hardest to win the competition. 

As Saiko and Shuujin are heading to Jack for their meeting with Hattori they reminisce a little, They remember how they started working together. They remember what they told each other about being a manga artist. Shuujin wanted to make lots of money and Saiko told that unless your a genius you are gambling. Their meeting with Hattori went well because he told them he liked the changes that they made to their name.

Each of the entries in the Golden Future Cup are published in a separate issue of Jack. Fukuda was first with has name and his results were good because he was told to aim for serialization. Shuujin and Saiko went second and they got told the same thing as Fukuda. Nakai and Aoki were third and they got told the same as well. Koogy was last and his editor hand delivered his results to him. The final scene is of Koogy smiling.


I do get how all of them were told to aim for serialization. I thought that only one of them could win the competition. They must all be really good if they are all being told the same thing. It would seem that the real competition starts now with them going to the serialization meeting. I really like the advice that Saiko got from his grandpa. It rings true because if you are not satisfied with work then no one else will be as well.


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