Kore wa Zombie Desuka? 09


The person that took off with Yuu is finally revealed. It would seem that she does not really want to see him. Sera’s village has sent out orders for Yuu to be killed. Sera thinks it maybe one of her colleagues that took Yuu. It seems that the person that took Yuu is the one mistake she made. He wants to take Ayumu’s place. Sera is going to obey her orders because she is a ninja. Sera does not really want to obey those orders though. Seras decides to abandon the mission. They set off in search of Yuu. 

The person who kidnapped is very powerful. With just a finger snap a whole ferris wheel come of its mount and started rolling. More trouble comes rolling in. It is in the form of some weird creature. Yuu is the harbinger of death. Dai-sensei shows up again. The giant creature looks like it takes no damage from either Sera or Ayumu. Dai-sensei was able to move it with ease. Yuki has summoned some weird creature and now Ayumu has to fight it. Dai-sensei sends Mystelainn to him. The thing Yuki has summoned is just programmed to turn off. Apparently Dai-sensei was hoping this would never happen with Ayumu looking over Yuki.

Sera was ready to kill Yuki, but Ayumu convinced her otherwise. The summon has gone into self-destruct mode. Yuki tells Ayumu to get away, but he insists on saving her. He saves her by calling by her first name. Afterwards he calls her Tomonori and she punches him. Yuu finally returns to Ayumu and the others. They all walk back home together. At the convenient store Yuu kind of leaves the group. Ayumu leaves after he gets home and he finds a note that Yuu intends to leave forever.


Ayumu looking like bad ass like he always does. The ” I do not care if I die if I can not have all my friends.” That little bit gets old after awhile. Then there is Yuu leaving the group because she thinks that she is causing all the problems. She should have just explained to everyone that she thinks that she is the cause of the problem. I bet that they would have been willing to investigate to see if it is true. I have a feeling that the guy who kidnapped her is causing all the problems.


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