Fairy Tail 69


Ultear and Master Hades are discussing about what the future will bring them. Ultear is enjoying herself a lot and awaits the future. Natsu and the others are on a boat when the Troia magic wears off. Natsu asks Wendy to recast troia, but she declines to do so. Everyone is returning to their own guilds with Wendy heading off to Fairy Tail. Lucy has acquired three more celestial spirits of the Zodiac. She now has Gemini the two that can mimic, Scorpio, and Aries the Ram which is a timid little girl. Fairy Tail celebrates the returning of their team.

With Wendy and Carla joining Fairy Tail that makes three dragon slayers in one guild. Gajeel is jealous because Both Natsu and Wendy have cats and he does not. One week passes and Wendy is thinking about doing her first job. Levy and Lucy hear this and try and decide which team she will go with. This is when Gray reports that someone saw a dragon. Gajeel is convinced that the information is a scam. Natsu and Wendy are convinced that it may be true. They take off for the place where Gray said the Person was at. The Inn Rise.

After searching through the whole Hotel Natsu and Wendy Stumble upon a weird door. Behind this door is Daphne the person who reported seeing a dragon. That was all lie so that way she can attract customers. It goes further than that and Gajeel was right about it being a scam. Gray shows up and says that he was helping Daphne.


Why do filler episodes always seem to be boring? I like the filler episodes in One Piece. Luffy is always beating someone up or one of the characters is developed. The filler episodes in Fairy Tail are just boring. I would prefer if they just moved on to the next arc.

Score one for Gajeel. He was right about the fake information. It was obvious when Gray followed Natsu and Wendy out of door at the guild. That surprised me even more. Gray and Natsu seesm like they get along even though they fight sometimes. This leads me to believe that Daphne is controlling him.


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