Beelzebub 09


Apparently upon joining Kunieda’s gang, The Red Tails, the girls have to a vow to never get a boyfriend. Hilda shows up at the school with the milk Oga forgot. While she is feeding him the gang, Major-mood killers 5, shows up to challenge challenge Oga and Hilda. Oga and Hilda handle hem with ease. As people talk about the fight Kunieda overhears them say that Hilda is Oga’s wife. This makes Kunieda angry because she feels like she was tricked. Kunieda and Hilda meet and have a small fight. It is clear that Hilda could have easily won.

While this is going on Kunieda’s girls, Nene and Chiaki find Oga and want to talk to him. But Baby Beel attempts to beat up a cat and gets his hand bitten. Oga takes off running trying to calm down Baby Beel. Nene and Chiaki wind up in the infirmary with the whole school saying that Oga beat them up. Kunieda races to the roof to confront Oga. But it apparent that Oga and Kunieda are thinking about two different things. Oga takes a crap load of damage and acts defeated. It is then revealed that Miwa setup the whole fight to take on who was left standing. Oga then gets up and slams his face into the floor.

Hilda was watching the whole fight and is disgusted that Oga never even touched Kunieda. Hilda Challenges Kunieda to become stronger and fight her again. Hilda then takes off with Baby Beel. Kunieda quits The Red Tails because she is in love with Oga.


This has to be the best episode with Hilda in it that did not feature her being a place holder or fixture. I was surprised that Kunieda even put up any type of challenge for Hilda. Both of them may have a lot of raw power, but Hilda’s is just more fine tuned while Kunieda just relies heavily on that Sword of hers. I do believe that Kunieda wil be able to beat Hilda someday.

What surprises me the most was Oga not wanting to fight a woman. I was thinking like Hilda was. I thought he was ruthless to all people. Then again it just be Kunieda because he wants her to be Baby Beel’s mother. I could see him actually fighting Nene though. Even though that is very unlikely because then Kunieda would become his worst enemy.


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