Bakuman 22


Saiko, Shuujin, Fukuda, and Nakai head straight up to Jack’s editing department. Fukuda suggests that they talk to thew Chief Editor, but then decides to talk to Aida instead. All of Jack’s editing department knows why they are there. As they enter the editing department’s office Yuujiro blocks them and Fukuda starts arguing with him. Saiko looks over and sees the Chief Editor and remembers what the Chief Editor told him about interesting Manga. Saiko repeats this and Fukuda all of sudden agrees with this. Fukuda stops arguing with Yuujiro and they all agree to have a feedback meeting.

They decide that Nizuma’s place was the best place to have the meeting. Once Nakai shows up with Aoki the meeting gets underway. They all realize that the others were better than they had originally thought. Nizuma kind acts as a visualization of what they were thinking. The meeting ends up being a bust because they all believe they have the best name. The opinion they get out of Nizum is very Vague. He just tells them that One is definitely in third and two are tied for first.

Azuki learns of how Koogy announced he was in the Golden Future Cup after a concert. She is worried for Saiko. And it looks like get worse after the two girls she works with say they are supporting Koogy. Azuki and the girls then go out on stage to sing a song for the anime they are in. Miyoshi is watching Azuki sing. At then end Saiko says that he definitely rewriting the name.


Saiko should have remembered what the Chief Editor told him sooner. It would have saved them time and the ruckus they caused at Jack. It is true that as long as something is interesting and good it will probably do good. Koogy’s fan can not change the fact that Koogy’s manga may not be that good.

What was the point in that feedback meetin? They went nowhere really fast. A lot of time was wasted in this epsiode.


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