Kore wa Zombie Desuka? 08


The glasses that Ayumu got in the last episode were some kind of low grade x-ray glasses. They allow the wearer to see past the first layer of clothing. Ayumu was using them to see what kind of bras and panties that girls were wearing on his way home. They get hit off his face and he dives in front of a truck to save them. After saving them he learns that they are Sera’s and she makes him repent for the misuse of them. 

Haruna is having a dream about Ayumu. He shows up in his masou shoujo get up and she asks why. He tells it is because you appointed me. She winds up naked and he is telling her how beautiful she is. Ayumu is moving for a kiss when she wakes up from her dream. Haruna then proceeds to take her false anger out on the still sleeping and fantasizing Ayumu. Yuki talks to some of the girls in Ayumu’s class about being his wife and wanting to learn to like him. They tell her that she needs to use Gap moe or show different sides of herself to Ayumu. Yuki makes lunch for Ayumu and then ruins it by putting a whole bunch of condiments on it.

Ayumu and Yuki walk home together from school. Yuki explains why she can not move into Ayumu’s house. It is because Sera is there and they are of two different what seems to be political stances. Ayumu tries to convince Yuki to be just his friend, but she is having none of that. Haruna shows up to retrieve Ayumu and kicks him in the leg. She is either angry or Jealous that Yuki is now Ayumu’s wife. Ayumu offers to take Haruna somewhere, but Yuki turns it into a group thing.

They all go to the mall and the girls start clothes shopping. Ayumu gets sad because he realizes that he going to be losing a lot of money. Sera is looking at some clothes and Ayumu suggests the Nekomimi get up. At first Sera rejects this idea, but then tries on the ears in front of a mirror. Ayumu sees her doing and she throws ninja stars into his eyes. Yuki is looking at some lingerie and has a sexual fantasy about Ayumu. Later they are at the park and Haruna asks Ayumu to kiss her. Ayumu refuses and gets the crap beat out of him for it. Yuu also disappears.


Yuki is an annoying character. she is trying to hard at being Ayumu’s wife. She also is never considering his feelings when all this is happening. He just ends up being a husband to a girl that he does not even know. It is painfully obvious that Haruna was acting the tough girl part. But I still found it cute that she thought that Yuki is invading her territory by being Ayumu’s wife. I think it has been established that Haruna likes Ayumu.

The food that Yuki made actually looked pretty good until she soiled it with all those condiments. That just turned it into something bad. Why is that Sera feels the need to abuse Ayumu whenever she can? Is she in the same boat as Haruna? Does she like Ayumu, but can not admit it? I am going to stop here because I could go on for ever.


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