Fairy Tail 68


Jellal is willing to go with the Detention Corps. because he wants to atone for his past misdeeds. The commander of the Detention Corps. told Jellal that is guaranteed death or life in prison without parole. This sends Natsu into a frenzy because he considers Jellal an ally now. With Natsu fighting everyone else besides Erza joins in. In the end Erza tells them to all stop fight and that she takes responsibility for everyone’s actions. As he goes into cart Jellal says Erza last name by the color of hair. Erza spend time by herself remembering that Jellal gave her the last name Scarlet.
The girls are getting dressed for the little ceremony that Cait Shelter is going to have for them when Wendy admits that she really knows nothing about her guild. After the ceremony Ishiya and the others minus the Cait Shelter guild members start dancing.
Master Robaul explains that he is the sole survivor of the Nirvit people. More specifically he says that he is a ghost of sorts that hung on because he was waiting for someone to come along that could destroy Nirvana. He helped create Nirvana himself. The NIrvit people disappeared because of Nirvana’s inversion magic. As Nirvana absorbed the darkness in other people it transfered it to the Nirvit people. The Nirvit would end up killing each other until only Robaul was left. Robaul created the guild and the people when the other Jellal dropped Wendy off with Robaul. With Robaul and Cait Shelter gone this arc is over.


This episode was a more somber episode. Especially when Jellal was taken away and Robaul told Wendy that the guild she was part of was made solely by him. It was cool that Natsu baically forgave Jellal for his past misdeed and considered him an ally. I actually found the Detention Corps. Commander’s adherence to a strict interpretation of the law a good a thing. I wish that most of real life laws had a strict interpretation. That being sad, even though Jellal has no recollection of what has done does not mean he should be absolved of the misdeeds. The fact is that he committed them and now he has to be judged for them.
I actually found the Tower of Heaven arc more entertaining. It showed that the characters could be more than one dimensional with Erza. She had those conflicting emotions of what to actually do with Jellal. She wanted to stop him, but still did not to kill him to have to do it. In this arc no one really had those conflicted feelings. They knew who the bad guys were and that they had to stop them at all costs. There was no need to try and save the person they were fighting.


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